Secure Reservation Form

Please be sure of your schedule BEFORE contacting me.   This demimonde is a VERY part-time activity for me, so regardless of the reason a cancellation becomes necessary, it's extremely inconvenient for me.  I prefer to remain very selective in my choice of client.  My involvement in this demimonde is very P/T & scheduled around the rest of my full life, so I cannot simply offer someone else your suddenly available appointment.

When touring, my time has been pre-scheduled.  It upsets my calendar greatly for someone to cancel.  Also, I may have declined another engagement to meet with you, and then to be cancelled on leaves me completely in the lurch. Please be absolutely certain of your ability to keep any reserved appointment when booking with me.

Less than 24 hrs notice, 50% fee
Less than 3 days' notice, 25% fee

Those who cancel and don't compensate according to terms here will be reported on escort-only boards/forums.  NCNS is totally unacceptable & will also be reported accordingly. Please don't make me do it.

All potential patrons are verified both for safety & compatibility; exceptions to this are NEVER made.  P411 is accepted, as is RS2K.  Additional info may be requested at my discretion.

Please select the appropriate form below to reserve your time.  Forms with all of the info I request receive my attention.  Incomplete forms or those containing untruthful details will be ignored.  First impressions are everything...

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